Service robot

Robot Town Project

We are conducting the research project named Robot Town Project. The aim of this research is to develop a management system for distributed sensors such as cameras, laser range finders, and IC tags, and service robots so that service robots can provide service tasks for humans in a daily life environment.

Tracking of multiple targets Tracking humans in a house
Tracking of 11 people by singe particle filter
Human motion capturing by distributed cameras Robot control by gesture


ROS-TMS (ROS - Town Management System)

We have been developing an informationally structured room for supporting the daily life activities of elderly or disabled people. This room integrates different sensor modalities in a natural and non-invasive way by embedding sensors in the environment. To connect and operate various robots and sensors appropriately, we also have been developing an operating system which manages various sensor/robot modules and database named ROS-TMS (ROS - Town Management System).

photo Overview photo ROS-TMS architecture
Intelligent refrigerator Intelligent cabinet
Object recommendation using smart glass Object recommendation using smartphone
Immersive VR Interface Service robot with Velodyne Lidar
Fetch task by service robot (simulation) Fetch task by service robot (real)
Fetch task by service robot (simulation) Fetch task by service robot (real)


Small sensor terminal robots "Portable Go" and intelligent wheelchair robot

We are developing multiple small sensor terminal robots and intelligent wheelchair robot.

photo Small sensor terminal (Portable) Pedestrian tracking
Multiple sensor terminal robots(Portable Go) Deplayment of multiple robots
Wheelchair robot Guide of wheelchair robot
Guide of wheelchair robot) Guide of wheelchair robot


Voice control system for ROS-TMS

Robot control system using voice is being developed with ROS-TMS.

Service robot Robotic bed
Light control Object search
Weather forecast Knowledge retrieval


Big Sensor Box (B-Sen)

Big Sensor Box (B-Sen) is a experimental house for human and robot coexistence developed by IoRT (Internet of Robots and Things) technology. Big Sensor Box is placed in COI building in Ito Campus, Kyushu University. Big Sensor Box has a living room, a bed room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and is a habitable space. ROS-TMS (ROS - Town Management System) is a control system of robots and sensors in this facility.

COI innovation faculty Big Sensor Box
photo Big Sensor Box photo Object search
photo Weather forecast photo Knowledge retrieval

Elderly care and monitoring system

We are developing a nursing care monitoring system for the elderly using distributed sensors under the control of ROS-TMS.

Noninvasive heartbeat and positon sensor (Kinect, LRF)
Noninvasive heartbeat and positon sensor (Kinect, LRF)
Heartbeat rate Walking detection
Wearable heartbeat and position sensor
Heartbeat measurement with accurate positioning
Fall detection High precise and small wearable position sensor