I.R.V.S. Laboratory For Intelligent  Robots & Vision System Kurazume Lab Morooka Lab

Toward Intelligent Robots Working in Human Daily Life Environment

The Kurazume Laboratory and the Morooka Laboratory are researching intelligent robots working in the real world.
   The Kurazume Lab. is working to realize a robot, which can function as a member of a dynamically changing human society. We are researching methods for robots to recognize different objects, people, and situations, which appear in everyday life.
   The Morooka Lab. is working to realize a new community in which people and robots work together. To realize this community, we have incorporated different points of view like RT(Robot Technology) and ICT(Information and Communication Technology), human psychology and morality, including the reconstruction of a town's infrastructure.

Tsutomu HASEGAWA, a professor emeritus at the Kyushu University, received 2013 JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers (2014/04/18).